Music for Toddlers Songs


You put the oil in the pot and you let it get hot,

You put the popcorn in and you start to grin!

Sizzle, Sizzle Sizzle (3X-start softly and gradually increase volume)

POP!  (Clap hands)


Touch your shoulders, touch your knees,

Raise your arms now drop them please,

Touch your tummy, touch your toes,

Stand up straight, now touch your nose!

SALLY GO 'ROUND THE SUN (circle song)

Sally go round the sun,

Sally go round the moon,

Sally go round the chimney tops,

Every afternoon - BOOM! (fall to ground)


Don't cry Sally, don't cry Sally,

Wipe your tears away, 

Don't cry Sally, don't cry Sally,

Jump up now and play!


Hush little baby don't say a word,

Papa's gonna' buy you a mockingbird,

If that Mockingbird won't sing,

Papa's gonna' buy you a diamond ring,

If that diamond ring turns brass,

Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass,

If that looking glass gets broke,

Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat,

If that billy goat won't pull,

Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull,

If that card and bull turn over,

Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover,

If that dog named Rover won't bark,

Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart,

If that horse and cart fall down,

You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

The Merry Go-Round

The merry go-round went round and round,

The children laughed and laughed and laughed,

So many were going round and round,

That the merry go-round collapsed, BOOM!


Rat a tat tat (repeat) 

We'll build you up with a rat a tat tat,

Rat a tat tat (repeat)

Up, up, up and away we go!