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Pei-Ying Li
piano & violin

Teaching days in studio: Monday, Friday & Saturday 

Ages 4 yrs.- adult

Phone: (951) 375-7149


Originally from Taiwan, Pei-Ying Li came to the United States to further her education at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) in Boston. She has been playing music since she was 4 yrs. old and has made it her life’s work to be a professional musician.


Pei-Ying has a Master of Music and Graduate Diploma from NEC and a Master of Music degree from Tainan National Universtiy of the Art in Taiwan. She has also attended several music festivals under scholarship and apprenticeship offerings, such as the Franz-Schubert-Institute (Austria), Vancouver International Song Institute (Canada), Vancouver Opera Studio (Canada) and Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music (Canada).



Pei-Ying has a wide background of experience: teaching classes for the musically gifted in Junior High School and Junior College in Taiwan as well as piano and violin and collaborative piano. 

She has over 15 years teaching experience and teaches students of all ages from 4 - 80+ years- beginners to advanced - including professional pianists. She also has over 7 years of coaching experience.


“I love music, love to help people improve anyway they can in the field of music and music appreciation and want to help others maximize their musical potential!”

Pei-Ying Li

Studio teaching day: Friday

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