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Tahnia Sandra Kay Lund


Teaching day in studio: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Phone: 951.704.0253


Ms. Lund has been teaching piano full-time for over 35 years and truly enjoys helping her students to find joy in their music.  While she has had many award winners and students preparing for college music degrees in her studio, she feels that the most important goal is to make sure that students love music and find self-expression in playing the piano.


Private lessons are available at her studio for students from beginning to advanced levels who range in age from ate three to adult, using both traditional reading methods and the Suzuki Piano Method, which is especially suited to young students.


What is included in the lessons?


A well-rounded musical education assists students in defining what music means to them.   Miss Lund's goal is to cover all areas of musicianship:  Performance, technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, formal analysis, harmony, music history and a comprehensive study of music literature.  Her teaching includes an ergonomically correct technique for effortless performance. 


While her main focus is on classical and contemporary piano composers, she does not restrict her students to those genres.  Demonstrating her eclectic approach to piano, graduates from her studio have chosen many different paths, including classical and jazz performance, composition, music education, music technology and pop/rock composition and performance.

Miss Lund is a member of the Music Teachers' Association of California, Temecula Valley Branch, the Music Teachers' National Association, the California Association of Profession Music Teachers, the Temecula Valley Music Teachers' Association, the Suzuki Association of the Americas, the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Steinway Society of Riverside, CA.

In addition to two major studio recitals a year, there are regular opportunities for students to take part in the various recitals, evaluations and competitions given by the above associations.   Her students regularly receive top honors and high evaluation scores in the many events held by these organizations.


Please visit her website for more information:

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