Connie Venti

piano & voice


Philosophy: " In my piano and voice studio, I try to foster a love for the art of music through the learning of various styles.  I see the study of music as an educational experience no less important than academic learning, and expect my students to make a serious commitment to their daily practice and weekly lessons.  Music is a joy to be celebrated, explored, and enjoyed.  Hard work will result in the building of self-confidence and pride.  Technique, theory, and repertoire are part of every lesson for both voice and piano students.  The goals of each student are encouraged as we work together to reach their musical potential."


Age groups:  piano - 5 years and up; voice - 8 yrs and up


Experience, background, education:  BA music education, MA vocal pedagogy; 40 years teaching experience, including private studio, public school, church, and community college; solo experience as both a singer and pianist.


Contact info:  951-763-4270 (home); 760-809-5409 (cell);



Teaching days in studio: afternoons -Saturdays


My daughter started weekly piano and voice lessons with Connie Venti three and a half years ago. With Connie's training my daughter plays piano and has learned to use her beautiful voice to perform. I love the fact that Connie is involved in the local chapter of the Music Teachers Association of California which gives my daughter a chance to participate in Certificate of Merit program to develop goals and measure her progress in music and music theory. We couldn't be happier with our choice of music teacher.

Wendy Tinh, Temecula CA

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