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Testimonials for Susan Miyamoto

"As a grandmother I have taken all 4 of my grandchildren to Susan's classes. The classes are a wonderful introduction to music and movement. The children participated in a small group of other children with their adult. Susan has a calm and welcoming program that children thrive and grow." 

I really cannot say enough about Miss Susan and the positive influence
her studio has had on our family. We began participating in music
lessons for babies with our oldest daughter, and nine years later we
are still enjoying them with our youngest son. Each of our four kids
now has a strong appreciation for music and an understanding that will
serve them throughout their lives.

Music class has been a highlight of our week as our children have
progressed through baby and toddler music class, music for young
children and then on to private lessons. Our oldest daughter has a
high aptitude for music and it all started in baby music class
repeating syllables and drum rhythms and waving scarves and dancing to
waltzes, folk songs, nursery rhymes and classical pieces of music. All
of our kids are intelligent, calm and attentive and I know that their
music education has played an important role in their well being.

Classes for us have been enjoyed as fun, carefree moments of
connection with our children but also more deeply as a serious musical
education. It has given them the building blocks for music theory,
intonation and performance. The melodies we learn stick with us
throughout the week and bring us closer as a family. We have also
enjoyed getting to know the other children who participate along with
their families and caregivers.

Miss Susan has an incredible ability to communicate with the children
through music, to bring awe and inspiration to these songs we feel we
have always known, and to lay the foundation of music theory naturally
at an appropriate level. The patience and calm energy I have witnessed
from her is remarkable. We are grateful for the enrichment Miss
Susan’s studio has provided to our family and our community.

-Meredith and Praveen Sharma

"I like to help my baby brother at music class and it is so fun. He
likes his teacher. My favorite part is dancing." -Daamini, 4

"Miss Susan has taught me to be a really good piano player and she has
good rules. I started learning the notes when I was a baby. I loved
Ring Around the Rosy and I still do it with my siblings." - Suri, 9

"My daughter started music lessons with Susan when she was 18 months old and continued through her preschool years until she aged out. Miyamoto Music Studio fostered a lifelong love for music in my child. The early childhood music program taught her a different way to look at her surroundings; it provided balance in her life. The classes gifted her with an additional way to express herself. This language of music instilled confidence and effective communication skills. Continued study of music has enabled her to 
develop into a well-rounded, intellectually bright person who excels in sports, STEAM and humanities at school. Moreover music has provided her an outlet during stressful times. She manages her emotions and stressors effectively because of early introduction to music and continued access to lessons her entire life. In short, Susan set my child on a path to develop into a smart and psychologically sound person. Our family gives Miyamoto Music Studio our highest recommendation.” -Mimi Chang

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